We are happy to share with you that the article Towards a theory of diaspora formation through conflict deterritorialization by our project members Élise Féron and Sofiya Voytiv has been recognized as one of the most downloaded in Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN).

Building on different cases of conflicts in homelands triggering diaspora mobilization, in the article, the authors develop a theory of diaspora formation through processes of conflict deterritorialization. The authors argue that an armed conflict in the country of origin can trigger specific processes of diaspora formation in the countries of settlement and in the transnational space, depending on the actors involved and the particular context in both the home and host countries. They suggest that this specific non-linear process of diaspora formation can happen at the individual and collective levels, and can both turn a migrant into a diasporic individual as well as mobilize diasporic individuals for collective action. This mobilization, as the authors argue, builds on narratives about and from the homeland, the country of residence, and the transnational space, and can, in turn, lead to conflict autonomization in diaspora settings.

You can access the article here