Our handbook ‘Diasporas and conflict transportation: Challenges and creative practices’ is now ready in print and we are very excited! The handbook is a guide for practitioners working with migrant and diaspora communities and it focuses on inter- and intra-diaspora relations in countries of settlement, as well as on relationships between diaspora organizations, policy makers and policy making. It describes the challenges that diaspora groups originating from areas of conflict face in host country contexts, and further highlights transformative creative practices that can be developed by both diaspora groups and policy makers for overcoming these challenges. 

The handbook is based on interviews with diaspora organizations, with institutions working with diasporas and migrants, with relevant NGOs, as well as on additional research conducted in the frame of the DIASCON project. It also relies on the results of our tripartite workshops held in 2020 and 2021 gathering researchers, civil society organizations, diaspora representatives, and policy makers located in various European countries (notably Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, and the UK).

The handbook will be available online soon!