Project member Vadim Romashov defends his PhD

Our very own Vadim Romashov defended his PhD in Peace and Conflict Research at Tampere University this fall! Vadim’s dissertation is an ethnographic story-based interpretation of everyday practices and narratives of living together in Armenian-Azerbaijani rural communities in Georgia. At the center of his research, is a concern with how members of communities live together […]

DIASCON participation in the 2022 European Peace Research Association conference this June

Great news! The DIASCON team will be hosting two panel sessions on “Diasporas and peace” at the 2022 European Peace Research Association (EuPRA) conference in Tampere from 1-4 June! The title of the conference is “Empowering Peace: The Role of Civil Society in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation” and we look forward to presenting our ongoing […]

DIASCON Handbook now available online!

We are happy to share with you that the DIASCON handbook is now fully available online and can be found here: DIASCON HANDBOOK The  handbook is a result of interviews, workshops and additional research conducted in the frame of the DIASCON project and is intended for practitioners working with diasporas and migrants, civil society organizations […]

New publication by project members: “Toward a theory of diaspora formation through conflict deterritorialization”

DIASCON project members Élise Féron and Sofiya Voytiv published their article “Toward a Theory of Diaspora Formation through Conflict Deterritorialization” in Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism. You can find the article here:   

DIASCON Handbook now available in print

Our handbook ‘Diasporas and conflict transportation: Challenges and creative practices’ is now ready in print and we are very excited! The handbook is a guide for practitioners working with migrant and diaspora communities and it focuses on inter- and intra-diaspora relations in countries of settlement, as well as on relationships between diaspora organizations, policy makers […]

New DIASCON publication!

Bahar Baser and Élise Féron recently published their article “Host State Reactions to Home State Diaspora Engagement Policies: Rethinking State Sovereignty and Limits of Diaspora Governance” in Global Networks. You can find the full article right here: 

DIASCON at the international workshop ‘Dealing with the violent Past: Transnational Dimensions and Diasporic Experiences’

Held at the University of Zürich on September 23rd and 24th, project members Bruno Lefort, Élise Féron and Bahar Baser each presented in the workshop “Dealing with the past: transnational dimensions dimensions and diasporic experiences”. Their presentations dealt with transmission of conflict memories in different diasporic spaces. More information and the abstracts can be found […]

New publication: ‘Gender and Diasporas’ in Routledge Handbook of Feminist Peace Research

DIASCON project researcher Élise Féron recently published a chapter entitled ‘Gender and Diasporas’ in Routledge Handbook of Feminist Peace Research, edited by Tarja Väyrynen, Élise Féron, Swati Parashar and Catia C. Confortini. You can find the handbook here: